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At Ol' School Garage, we not only understand your passion for custom and classic cars, we share it. Rest assured, entrusting Ol' School Garage to undertake your custom build or restoration you are in good hands.

Leon's Blog

What a difference a couple of days make...

Leon Betts

The disassembled car has been mounted on a rotisserie to allow the paint shop team easy access to the firewall and underside.

The aftermath of Jackie's spanner work!

Jackie welds up unwanted holes, seams and spot welds to aid the paint shop team with 'smoothing' the engine bay.

Earlier in the week Jackie mounted the new gauges and shifter. after he finished he put a seat in to test the driver's position.

Earlier in the week I posted some photos of our now primed EH pro-streeter being pushed back to the fab shop. This afternoon its heading back to the paint shop on a rotisserie where the underside, jams and dash will be prepped for paint. While in the fab shop, Jackie installed the shifter and gauges before completing the disassembly. He also welded up all unnecessary holes, seams and spot welds on the firewall and subframe so the engine bay will be a smooth as possible.

Cheers Leon