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Leon's Blog

Mustang rust repairs...

Leon Betts

Roland starts drilling out spot welds to remove the rust sill panels. The rust damage to the main support panel is obvious. Just to make things a little more interesting for Roland, a new outer sill was at some stage during the car's life welded over the old rusty panel! Both will need to come off to repair the car properly.

Roland had to remove supports and part of the floor to access the sills. Previous dodgy repairs complicated this task. But as the aim is to return the car back to as close as 'factory' as possible and get rid of the rust, everything has to come off.

The middle support panel wasn't providing much support!

Roland will leave the outer sill in place while he welds the middle and inner sill panels in place. This allows him to position the new panels correctly with reference to the original outer sill panel.

Before the new panels go in Roland removes as much of the rust as possible by heating and grinding the surfaces. He then treats the inner surfaces with a rust convertor before painting the surfaces. Only then will he start welding in the new panels.

Roland has made a start on the '66 Mustang Convertible rust repairs. Both sills are completely rusted out. And being a convertible, this means the car's structural integrity was seriously compromised. To compensate for having no roof, the sills in the convertible are reinforced in the factory. They comprise three separate panels...a flat, heavy gauge panel sandwiched between the standard outer sill panel and a U-shaped, heavy gauge inner support. The photos below show just how little steel was supporting the car. I will post further photos as Roland replaces the rusted sills.

Cheers Leon