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At Ol' School Garage, we not only understand your passion for custom and classic cars, we share it. Rest assured, entrusting Ol' School Garage to undertake your custom build or restoration you are in good hands.

Leon's Blog

Are you mocking me...

Leon Betts

People inexperienced at classic car restoration will disassemble their car and immediately start stripping, grinding, sanding and painting. But smart blokes like us will disassemble, repair and then put the car back together again before the car goes anywhere near our paint shop.

We refer to this assembly process prior to prepping for paint as 'mocking-up'. At a minimum all panels get fitted up and the drivetrain is installed.

Why do we bother with what many people consider as an extra step? Put simply, it means that we paint the car once. If you don't go through this process I will almost guarantee that you will have to start cutting up your freshly painted car to make something fit.

Here is a photo of our 65 Mustang build being mocked-up after the repairs were completed. The engine and trans will also go in to make sure there are no clashes, all panels will be installed and gapped and the interior will also go in as there are lots of fiddly trim in a Fastback.

Cheers Leon