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Leon's Blog

Holden HK Premier

Leon Betts

In my last post I touched on the differences between and good restoration and bad restoration. The key point I was trying to convey was that both will look great immediately after the work has been completed and may take a few months for the differences to become apparent.

We currently have a HK Premier in the workshop which provides a good illustration of the short cuts some people take when restoring a...and the resulting quality issues which will take some time until they appear.

When we first saw the car the poor quality of the workmanship was very apparent. Not only was the paint dull, there were signs of rust, some sink-back and lots of small cracks...all indicators of poor preparation.

So after we disassembled the car we set about sanding it back to see what we were dealing with. And as we suspected accident damage had been bogged over rather than being repaired. But it was the RH dog-leg that provided the biggest surprise. The car had sustained a major hit that had even buckled the rear door jam. Some crude repairs had been carried out and then it was just covered in bog...over an inch in places.

We have set about repairing this damage properly and I will share the process and results with you in my next post.

Cheers Leon