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Leon's Blog

Difference between a good restoration and a bad restoration?

Leon Betts

Question: What's the difference between a good restoration and a bad restoration?

Answer: About 6 to 12months.

Initially there might not be a big difference between a bad restoration and a good restoration from a visual perspective. Bog can be used to cover a multitude of restoration 'sins'. And bog is cheap! Assuming the person applying the bog has some level of skill, your low-cost restoration will often look great when your car is rolled out of the workshop. But it is only a matter of time (sometimes only days) before you start having issues with sink back, cracking, rust bubbles, etc.

Unfortunately there are no short cuts to a good restoration. Existing rust must be removed...all of it. Accident damage must be repaired to limit the amount of bog that needs to be applied. Think of bog as a final finish to be used sparingly to fill any small imperfections in a properly repaired should never be used as a dent repair process.

Why do repairers take short cuts? One reason is that bog can be applied by people with a relatively low skill level whereas rust and accident repairs require high levels of skill and experience. Another reason is that customers often have insufficient funds to cover all the work required...the problem here is that substandard repairs will always reflect poorly on the repairer irrespective of their best intentions.

My advice. Proper rust and accident repair forms the basis for any good restoration. If you don't have the funds, delay the work until you do. Alternatively, ask your repairer whether the work can be undertaken in stages. There are often logical hold points in the restoration process. But whatever you do, don't let anyone convince you to take short may end up with a cheap job and maybe even a beautiful looking car...but it is only a matter of time until the problems start to appear.

Here are some photos of rust and accident repairs being undertaken by Ol' School Garage on a customer's XY Falcon. As you will see, Roland and Lee are very skilled at this type of work and our team in the Ol' School Garage paint shop will need to use very little bog to prep the car for paint.

Regards Leon