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Leon's Blog

Did I get lucky or did it get ripped off?

Leon Betts

Did I get lucky or did it get ripped off? That is the question.

A couple of months ago a customer (well I thought he was a customer) approached Ol' School Garage to paint his HZ ute he had recently purchased. So as we usually do with these types of jobs, we started with some grinding and sanding to determine what we were dealing with. Well, as you will see from the photos we found rust..lots and lots of rust!

Rather than going ahead with the repairs as our customer already authorised, our Workshop Manager Craig asked the customer to visit so he could see the extent of the rust damage himself. It was our recommendation that no more money be spent on this shell as it would be throwing good money after bad.

Now here's the weird bit. Our customer not only decided he wouldn't spend any more on on his HZ, he also decided that we shouldn't be paid for our investigative work. A bit tough considering that I thought we had done him a favour by stopping work once we discovered the extent of the rust damage.

Anyway, this is where I may have got lucky. The owner of the ute said he wasn't paying us a cent and we could just keep the ute. This didn't seem like a good deal at first. But, as one of my old managers used to say To me back in my last life as a project manager...Leon, in situations like these you just have to find a way to turn chicken shit into chicken salad! A wise man.

Yes, I do now own a worthless, rusty old HZ ute shell. But on the positive side, I have ended up with a pretty decent 308 V8 and trans and a very nice set of tough looking new alloy rims and tyres.

So I hope you will follow our journey as we go about turning chicken shit into chicken salad. I am working on a very cunning plan!

Cheers Leon